After graduating high school, I decided to launch I used it as a place where I could share my personal experiences, my favorite things, and showcase people who have inspired me. The emergence of my first website enabled me to connect with multiple creative individuals across state borders, while building impactful relationships.


The following Spring, I envisioned designing a piece of clothing that was one of a kind, special, and uniquely customizable to fit in every woman’s closet. With this vision in mind, I took it to Instagram with a simple photo of a soon to be upcoming product, and curious inquiries started flowing in.


Soon after, with the support of my family and friends, and an eagerness to see my vision and product of personalized denim shorts come to life, Genuine Gem evolved. Fast forward to this year, I’m still in blissful shock of how Genuine Gem has expanded and how it is still continuing to.


Thank you to everyone who has been supportive and showed me nothing but uplifting love throughout my journey. I’m eternally grateful for all the challenges, accomplishments and people who have helped and continue to help me along the way.


I genuinely hope we can create together, help evolve each other’s craft, and that you’re always able to find sites of inspiration here.




19 Jul 2015


I'm very excited for this upcoming pop-up event. Genuine Gem will have a booth at the BadWill Market on Saturday, July 25th. It will be located at The Rhino Room on Capitol Hill from 1-6PM. It is also during CHBP weekend, can't wait to see everyone! I will be having lots of denim shorts, vintage swimwear, and accessories for sale.  This is a 21+ event only, come sip and shop with ya

007: Nacho Picasso – “In The Trump” Last year's work. I remember this day it was like yesterday. It was my first time on a boat on the last day of summer. I can't swim!!! I need someone to teach me :( Styled and casted by yours truly. Directed by my homies, Lea Godoy and Warsame

24 Jun 2015


This was my second time seeing Joey Bada$$ live & he definitely knows how to put on a show. This time around was a little more turnt, if you ask me. To people getting thrown out to Joey yelling at a security guard on stage, haha. Special thank you to my homegirl Niara for making this happen and Joey for looking out for Léa and I.     Photography: Léa