if it don’t make money… (at The Ave)
you’d be lyin’ if you said I ain’t the one.

captured by @photojay_  (at The Ave)
might pull up in my bucket. 

captured by @photojay_  (at The Ave)


been having crazy visions about living in my own home and daydreaming about my future. need to stay inspired and motivated so I can collect my wins.

my Godmom always use to make these for me when I was younger…now I’m in the kitchen making them with her
was thinking about my next big investments and then I read this….


they say all good things must come to an end… this month has been amazing. i’ve been blessed with an incredible support system..i don’t know where’d i’d be without my family and friends. this month has been memorable, and i’m blessed to see 21.

i feel like we celebrated all month and now it’s time to get back to work. i have to remain focused and keep my eyes on the prize without letting anyone distract me. ending this year strong, and still got sh*t to do. the team has been so busy, and i love seeing us win. 

i’m really thankful for those who were by my side all month. you really find out who’s down for you when it’s your birthday, lol. 


a fan of horror films, can’t wait to see this.