• muse monday: @whoisraylene.

    if it wasn’t for Her, i’d probably not be the right hand woman/stylist on set i am today. i remember this day like it was yesterday. about two years ago, i went to show my love + support for Raylene. the homie, Harry asked her to make a lil’ cameo in PetaTosh’s video.

    standing on the sideline, i noticed the little things..for an example, her hair, the set up, & etc… i remember telling her to put on my watch.. of course i had to step in to get my girl right. 

    and ever since then, i started to build from there. i really appreciate the little things in life, something so simple, but yet meaningful.

    September 29
    #detooz films
  • no twitter zone.

    i need a break from twitter. i feel like it’s been more of a fidgeting device. i don’t know how to limit myself when it comes to checking my timeline. i don’t want to find things out via twitter, i need to keep my head in the books and not on the internet 85% of the time. i don’t give a damn about who’s subtweeting who, or why this person is mad at me for unfollowing them.

    sips tea. 

    officially deactivated @TRINBEANS on twitter. 

    September 29
  • she is the one.